How to Buy YouTube Views

Thanks to a study done by Sandvine, an application and network intelligence company, it was revealed that YouTube accounts for approximately 35% of internet usage worldwide in 2020. It goes without saying that it is an incredible amount of traffic for any website. With roughly 5 billion videos watched every day, breaking onto the front page can be quite a daunting challenge that requires significant effort and no small amount of luck.

If a creator is looking to maximize the viewing value of their uploads but aren’t getting the traction that they might want, boosting views through external sites can be a good way to increase a videos performance. Sometimes a little extra push is required to increase the number of views, likes and comments that a video can get.

Why Buy YouTube Views?

YouTubes algorithm is a fickle beast at the best of times. It prioritizes videos that already get off to a good start and continues to feed its numbers. The primary ranking signal that the algorithm operates on is powered largely by time watched. This metric is charted in YouTubes built in analytics, but the simple explanation is that the more your videos are watched, the better the video will do. It acts like a self-perpetuating cycle that, provided you meet all the necessary criteria, will continue to make a successful video more successful.

Buying views allows creators to manipulate the algorithm and bend it more to their will. If an uploaded video has artificially inflated numbers and comments that were purchased from another site, the video will catch the eye of the algorithm and be pushed further into other people’s feeds. This results in greater engagement and, provided it is sponsored or monetized, increased income per video.

In regards to things like advertisements and potential sponsors, increased video engagement can have a massive effect that makes all the difference in the world to the channel. Advertisers will pay a creator to feature their product in a video and pay based on the amount of engagement that video is likely to get. The more popular a channels videos are on average, the better a deal that they can strike with an advertiser. For YouTube, views are the biggest measurable metric that determines the success of a channel and potential profit to its creator.

Where Can you Buy YouTube Views?

There are a few websites that creators can purchase views but very few of them provide a service that lets a channel buy real YouTube views. The best in the market in regards to competitive prices, no bots and a safe natural increase is With an intelligent system in place and a high-quality service, socialboom markets and promotes the videos to a larger audience to increase views.

Whether they buy 100 or 10,000 views, creators can look to see the increase in engagement on their video from as soon as three hours. Depending, on the size of the purchase, the view increase can last over the course of a few days at the latest to ensure gradual and sustained growth.

The act of purchasing doesn’t have to be complicated. Buying from sites like socialboom is very easy and requires little effort. You select what you wish to purchase, be it views, likes, comments or otherwise, add it to our cart, fill out the billing details and then pay. Thankfully, they allow you to pay through the safety of PayPal so there is no chance of anything going wrong.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Views?

Yes, absolutely. Provided a creator is using a website that lets them buy real YouTube views and not bots. The key difference lies in who is watching. Other sites may employ the use of bots which will appear in the video view count, pumping numbers and leaving barely legible comments. In instances like with socialboom, the videos are marketed to real people off platform, so creators do not have to worry about YouTubes Fake Engagement Policy punishing them as what it covers does not apply to their channel.

In regards to the actual exchange of money within the transaction, a lot of people will find that many sites cannot be trusted. They may offer the services and simply take the money and run. Provided that they actually go through with the service, they may dump bots into the view count, causing the video to be taken down. In many cases, the endeavor to purchase views can be a difficult and dangerous task. Yet with sites like socialboom, which is clean and honest, you won’t have any problems.

Is Buying YouTube Views Sustainable?

Yes, but not in the way one might think. One of the biggest things to consider is who the creator purchases those views from. Many sites can boost views but it could prove very unsafe in the long run. The best thing about going with a trustworthy site, like socialboom, is that buying YouTube views is likely not something that will be required of creators indefinitely. If videos are not doing as well as one might like them to, purchasing views allows for the video to be picked up by the algorithm. After that point, YouTube pushes it to reach a larger and larger audience, until eventually the video is self-sustaining. This only needs to be done a handful of times at most, once the channel is in the algorithms spotlight, YouTube will take it from there and feed the channels content to a wider audience.

Sometimes paying up front can be a nerve-wracking experience but going with a trustworthy and professional site can make all the difference in this transaction. Buying YouTube views to bolster a new channel can make getting onto YouTubes partner programs a simple task. Once on there, YouTube pays its partnered creators to produce content that keeps viewers and brings new viewers to the platform. When a creator’s channel reaches a certain level of engagement, they will make the money spent on views back within a short period of time, making the entire method completely sustainable.

If you are reading this in hopes of learning how to boost your view count, I cannot recommend a site higher than Clean, easy and professional service for all your needs.

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